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Fambit is useful


Fambit brings the experience of social networks like Facebook to your family.

All family members can access the up-to-date family calendar online and you can also print the Fambit calendar for your fridge door. You can add events for other family members and set up Fambit to remind them.

You can share and manage shopping lists and other task lists together online. You can easily manage who transports the kids to day care or hobbies today. You can have online conversations with your family members at the times that best suit you - allowing more flexibility than phone calls or SMS.

Social and fun


Plans, calendar changes and everything else in Fambit can be discussed, commented and thumbed-up. Family members can easily express their sympathy or joy about the postings also during the day. You can see when your family members have last time used Fambit.

You can use Fambit to create a game-like experience out of the household duties like bringing out the garbage or walking the dog. Trophies are earned online by reaching the defined goals. Using Fambit makes the goal tracking open and fair.

The kids can learn responsibility, earn respect and playfully compete with each other. With family specific goals and trophies, everyone will get more visibility for the achievements and the contribution they make.


Family calendar


In Fambit all the family-members will see exactly the same collaborative calendar, discussions etc. There will be no secret changes or surprises; for example all changes in the family calendar are show also in the What's New discussion flow.

If you so wish, one person can manage the whole family calendar on behalf of the others: set up SMS and email reminders and make sure things are not forgotten. Fambit can be useful for many families even if only one person in the family actively manages the service.

One page shows all updates


Having one What's New page makes it easy to keep up to date. Read just that one page and you will never miss any of the comments, posts, calendar changes, trophies, cheers etc. from your other family members.

Family picture

Fambit is private


Fambit is a private space for your family members only. No-one outside your family can contact your children or see your content. You decide who is included in your family in Fambit.

Whole family is included


In Fambit you can easily set up calendar appointments for your small children or include them in the collection of trophies in Fambit. Even the Family pets are treated like full family members inside Fambit - never mind that they do not log in to the service themselves. Fambit is a safe and friendly place for your children to learn about the use of online services.

One administrator


One family member can take care of all the family-level settings in Fambit. The administrator registers all the family members and invites others to the ready-made service. The administrator can change an avatar picture or a forgotten password for everyone.


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Safe & Private

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