Several ways to view


At home a tablet computer is a great tool for showing family photos. While on the move you can always show the pictures from your smart phone. Just select a sender or a topic from the Photoframe content menu for showing.

The Photoframe automatically keeps showing the latest family photos in your living room or in the bookshelf of your grandparents. You can browse the photos at will or set up the Photoframe to show photos from a certain user or event. When new photos are taken, the photoframe automatically switches to showing the newest ones, in a few seconds after the photos were taken. Read more about Photoframe here.

While watching the photos, the best ones can be highlighted and the unsuccesfull ones hidden. Whoever is showing the photos, first will be shown those that have been ranked the best by the whole family. Adjusting to the needs of the audience and situation, you will always be showing a suitable selection size of the best photos.

Several ways to send


Photos can be sent to Fambit in several ways besides the Fambit-app: Soon it will be possible to send photos from the Android photo application as well as by using the popular Instagram app. Photos can be uploaded to Fambit also through Flickr and Picasa photo albums.

In the phones the Fambit app is needed for receiving instant notifications of new family comments and photos.

For your whole family


The easiest way to start using the Fambit apps is to log in with Facebook authorization. Your spouse and children from Facebook are automatically connected to the same Fambit-family, more users can be invited via SMS.

Why Fambit


Everyones life gets easier when family photos are shared with Fambit. Family photos are private with Fambit. The photographer gets better feedback about the photos. The photos no longer need to be downloaded to a computer - the other family members can immediately use each others photos.

The photographer does not need to arrange the photos to albums, the family can together arrange their photos. Family photos are seen quickly and commented. The new family photos are effortlessly visible in the living room and also for the granddparents.


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